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Deception Bay was named in 1823 by John Oxley, who thought the bay was a river and because of his mistake and the shallowness, named it Pumice Stone River; he later changed the name to Deception Bay.
The name Deception Bay is often abbreviated to D-Bay. This term, D-Bay was mainly used by outsiders, organisations or recent arrivals to “The Bay”. In the 1990s, as it was populated with one of the most concentrated social housing in Queensland by the government of the day; however it subsided after 2001 due to development and population growth in the area.

Computer or laptop just broken down and you live in Deception Bay. Well 16 min west of you is computer repair shop that focuses on REPAIRS. Many other shops have all their shop devoted to selling Computer repairs deception bayyou computers and computer parts. The best part of being so close to a store, is you can bring it in, and someone will look at it straight away. No booking someone and hopefully they will turn up sometime during the day. When you are searching for a company that can do your computers repairs in Deception Bay, we can help you. Australian owned and operated. It is not a franchise and all techs are employed and not contracted. (A franchise business is bought by someone and you don’t need to be qualified. Even a lawn mower man could own a computer repair business.)

Computer Repairs Deception Bay, Services and IT Support

Our technicians can identify and troubleshoot most Computer problems FAST. After we find your problem, the technicians will call you and give you your options. Here are some of stationthe problems residents had in Deception Bay.

  • Laptop has a virus on it. has popups and says it needs to reboot or reconnect?
  • Computer wont charge from the ac adapter.
  • iphone 3g screen
  • replace video card agp
  • usb 2-3 pci card, their backups are taking foreeeever to complete, think running at usb1
  • acer laptop black broken screen please fix asap
  • Emails not working. Please go to Computer Repairs Deception Bay to repair
  • dvd drive disappears sometimes works and the wireless card does not seems to work
  • not conecton with myob and network issues
  • just bought a new PC and would like someone to come out and set it up with email, Office, MYOB (remote?), automatic backups, etc.
  • toshiba laptop virus removal.
  • Fresh install of Windows XP on new PC. OK with complete wipe. No data transferral needed.

We don’t just repair broken computers, we have setup networks and home and at the office, printers and backup devices.

Very easy. We provide reliable same day computer help and IT repairs to businesses and homes in Deception Bay.

Do you need help with your computer servicing, wireless set-up or virus removals? We have many qualified and professional computer repair technicians that can be there before you know it.

We opened our doors in 2000 and now are one of the largest computer support stores in Queensland servicing the residential and business markets.


Computer Repairs Deception Bay

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