Computer Repairs Caboolture

Computer Repairs Caboolture. Computer or laptop just broken down and you live in Caboolture. Well 5 min South of you is computer repair shop that focuses on REPAIRS. Many other shops have all their shop devoted to selling you computers and computer parts. notebook The best part of being so close to a store, is you can bring it in, and someone will look at it straight away. No booking someone and hopefully they will turn up sometime during the day. When you are searching for a company that can do your computers repairs in Caboolture, we can help you. Australian owned and operated. It is not a franchise and all techs are employed and not contracted. (A franchise business is bought by someone and you don’t need to be qualified. Even a lawn mower man could own a computer repair business.)

Computer Repairs Caboolture, Services and IT Support

Our technicians can identify and troubleshoot most Computer problems FAST. After we find your problem, the technicians will call you and give you your options. Here are some of stationthe problems residents had in Caboolture.
  • Laptop has a virus on it.
  • Projector Benq not turning on test bulb and power supply
  • Computer Freezes when the keyboard is plugged in
  • Upgrade of RAM
  • MYOB PC has lost multi user ability
  • can’t log in to one computer and are having trouble printing.
  • Emails not working
  • Would like to talk to someone to update their website
  • Investigate backup procedure and check HDD temp
  • Perform the IE updates
  • Wont boot up, makes very strange noise.
  • laptop not charging, may be PSU, also needs a clean out.
  • Logs in – loads desktop background, but no icons or anything. She purchased “windows antivirus” for 30$ but they charged her 100$, and now nothing works.
We don’t just repair broken computers, we have setup networks and home and at the office, printers and backup devices.

Computer Repairs Caboolture

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